Tom Eastburn      Works In Clay Studio/Gallery
spike field"tatanka truck"outside the line

view woutside the Line

view soutside the line
view nmatchstick

vert viewgap

vert viewgap

horiz viewmars series VI"mars ahead"nebraska fields below  

field grid  warmField Grid coolbadlands agatesquid inkcolor bowl
selected piece sd governor's 2012-13 biennial
limeautumn runleather bowl seed podglass palletteearly tileyou can't buy this plateexiting a wormholeelectric seaweedorange circleoptic nerveit didn't have a name, but it was a damn nice platter if i say so myself"shino concept"

selected piece sd governor's 2008-09
biennialswanson wavemud flakesbuff rogers flies over the herdsalmon eggsearly tile 2sacred circle of buffwhy they're pregnantWhat if the Wizard of Oz was filmed in South Dakota?
wall art
tile, platters, mono prints
wall platters, tile panels, clay mono prints

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