Tom Eastburn      Works In Clay Studio/Gallery
bBuffalo lidded vaselidded buffalo pot #3ferric vase
dully photographednaked raku 
charlie riggs workshopautumn gourd
  s swallowmy first lidded square vesselthis was a sweet potColor Bowllidded buff stripywooden vesselthe other side vesselgood in the dark vesselsilver leafsubtle forestmetal storm vasecolor ring lidded the orchidmaroonish vasethe roughen pink rimthe form has possibilities liddedmistaken rim vasewhere'd that orange come fromthe good side vasenature story vaseface vertical tall vesselthe good one buff liddedfeather vasegolden straw vasesaucer rope ferrica new color w fossil leafsquashed w handlesbowl of eggsCowboy on Potwide saucer ferricfossil vaselarge buffalo tea pot
past pieces folder
selection of work primarily from 2011 and now moving through 2012….

everything in this folder has sold

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